The Official Student Tailgate of Northwestern Wildside and Northwestern Athletics! Come to Fitzerland before home football games to eat, drink, and get wild with other Northwestern students! The event is BYO food and drinks, but grills can be rented from Wildside for use by student groups!


Where's Fitzerland located and how do I get there?

Fitzerland is located on the grass football practice field immediately North of Ryan Field. It is a 170 square yard space. The game day shuttle will drop students off on Isabella Street at the entrance to the tailgate. Refer to the map to the right for more information.

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When does Fitzerland open and close?

Fitzerland opens to students 4 hours prior to kickoff. Students and student groups dropping off coolers, grills, and supplies can do so at that time. There is no parking at Fitzerland, but temporary parking can be used during drop-off. Fitzerland will begin to shutdown 30 minutes before kickoff. At that time, all students are asked to make their way to the student section and get ready to get wild! Any supplies brought with you can be placed in a designated storage area. All stored items must be picked up within 20 minutes of the end of the game. Left items may be discarded.

Will food and drink be provided?

Students can bring their own food and drink to Fitzerland. Students can also bring their own gas grills to cook food. No charcoal grills are allowed. Student groups renting grills from Wildside will also have food and drinks available. If you are a student group looking for information about renting a grill, please refer to the section below.

I'm a student group leader. How does my group rent a grill and are there restrictions?

To rent a grill, please fill out the form here. There will be a monetary deposit collected by Wildside for all grill rentals. The deposit is $20 for a single game, and $60 for the entire season. Your deposit will be refunded in full if you attend all games for which you have requested a grill. Grills will be rented on a first-come-first-served basis. After filling out the request form, you will receive an email from Wildside with further information. Please note that student groups renting a grill from Wildside are asked to host an open tailgate, meaning their food, drinks, and other supplies are available to all students in attendance and not reserved for a private group of people.

I'm not a student but I'd love to check out Fitzerland. Can I stop by?

Only students with a valid WildCARD (student ID) may enter Fitzerland. IDs must be presented at the entrance of the tailgate space.

Will there be anything else going on at Fitzerland before the game?

Fitzerland will be right next to Wildcat Alley, so students attending will have full access to Wildcat Alley events. There will also be a large TV screen playing the other college football games occurring during the day and music being played throughout the tailgate. Wildside will also have various tailgate games set up for students to use.

Alcohol Policy:

All State of Illinois and Northwestern University laws and policies regarding alcohol consumption must be followed while in Fitzerland. Glass bottles and hard alcohols are not permitted. The following policies regarding alcohol will also be enforced at Fitzerland:

  • Valid WildCARD must be presented by anyone attempting to enter Fitzerland

  • Those bringing alcohol into Fitzerland must present a valid state ID proving they are of the legal drinking age. Upon presenting their valid ID, students will be given a wristband that they must wear while drinking in the tailgate space.

  • Those planning on consuming alcohol at Fitzerland must also show a valid state ID upon entering the tailgate space. They will also be given a wristband to wear while consuming alcohol in Fitzerland.

  • This wristband policy will be enforced by student groups hosting tailgates. Student groups may not provide alcohol to students not wearing a wristband.

  • Student groups bringing alcohol to their tailgate must bring the required number of Red Watch Band trained members of their organization required by University policy. Student group-hosted tailgates must follow the same regulations set in place regarding other events they host involving alcohol.

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