Wildside Traditions

Every student section in the nation has certain cheers, songs, and traditions they perform at games. This is what we do in the Northwestern Wildside!
Go U- NU

A simple call and response, a student shouts "Go U!" and everyone else responds with "NU." At basketball games, the East section yells Go U and the West section responds. This version is a music video rendention by rapper Mo Greene.

Go U Northwestern

The fight song of the Northwestern Wildcats, students sing the song following big scores, important momentum shifting plays, and victories. This version is from a 5am bus trip to a Northwestern road game!

University Hymn

The Northwestern Alma Mater is played after every game, regardless of the result, and is a time for student, players, and fans to come together as One Northwestern.​

Put Your Hands Up

Wildcats, it's the 4th quarter...do you know what that means? Every football game, Ryan Field goes crazy when everyone jumps around and puts their hands in the air.​​ Watch as the football team shows you how it's done.

The Land of Lincoln Trophy

Each year, Northwestern and Illinois face off in their rivalry game for a chance to win the Land of Lincoln Trophy. This coveted prize, along with bragging rights then resides with the winning team for the next year. Enjoy some highlights as the team gets ready to reclaim the Hat!

Rise Northwestern

Another song that you will hear played at Northwestern games is Rise Northwestern. This song is a favorite of the band, and is played after momentum shifts and other key points in the game, similar to the fight song. Listen as NUMB plays Rise Northwestern and the rest of their pregame set.